June 8th-12th 2015
Data Governance & Information Quality
(DGIQ) Conference
Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa
San Diego, California
Aim-Smart Product Demo
by Victor W. Fehlberg
12:00pm June 8th

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Aim-Smart is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel Add-In

Enables business users to perform data quality functions within the tool they know best – Microsoft Excel. Aim Smart adds the ability to reach beyond Excel and analyze data from other sources. Aim Smart allows seamless functionality between Excel, Salesforce.com, databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Postgres, MySQL, IBM DB2 and countless text files. Aim Smart offers many features, including high level matching using fuzzy logic, advanced levels of standardizing data, NPI matching, advanced gender assessment based on name alone, and comparing against no fly records for known terror associates. Aim Smart is the Future of Data Quality Now.